Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Restoration

Dear Family,

This week we had another wonderful lesson with Michelle. We were planning to watch the restoration DVD (which is amazing by the way), but she said she had borrowed it from her aunt last week and had already watched it. So we had a really good discussion about the Book of Mormon: what it is, where it comes from, and how it ties in with the Bible. Michelle is just awesome. In Relief Society yesterday she even told a story about how she started an anonymous "kindness committee" at work that really helped everyone be more positive. She is changing so much from the shy person she used to be. When we go see her tonight we will help her choose a specific date to be baptized! Oh, we are so excited for her!

We also had a great lesson with an older lady named Barbara. She has been taught before, but lost contact with the missionaries for a while due to health problems. So we watched the Restoration DVD to review that with her. When we asked her to pray about the Book of Mormon she said she already knows it is true! She knows Joseph Smith is a prophet and everything. So, we asked her to prepare to be baptized on February 20th and she said she would think and pray about it. I think one of my favorite things as a missionary is to hear investigators and recent converts share their testimonies. It reassures me so much and really strengthens my testimony. I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God. I'm so grateful that God loved us enough to restore his gospel through him. This is the true church. The Book of Mormon is true. It teaches us everything we need to know to live with Heavenly Father again.

Sacrament meeting was amazing this Sunday! First of all, almost all the people we've been teaching were there. Secondly, the Branch President's son, who just returned from his mission, gave the most amazing talk on the restoration I've ever heard. And finally, Sister Nelson gave a powerful talk about enjoying the journey and pacing yourself. I really needed to hear that. Afterward, I went and sat by her at the organ (she's the organist) to thank her for her talk. Doing that really reminded me of times when I would go talk to mom after sacrament meeting. The building looks exactly like the Orchards Building and Sister Nelson even has short brown hair. Actually, Sister Nelson is a lot like you mom: she is a great teacher, full of gospel knowledge; she is fun and loving; and she has a powerful testimony. We love having her come on team-ups with us.

Well family, I love you all very much! Keep me posted on everything that is happening in your lives (like wrestling, NHD, work, school, and church).

Sister Bailey Mortensen

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