Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello family

Hello family,

It was great to talk with you all last night. I'm sorry it was later than expected and that the hour went by so fast. I love you all so much and wish I could share everything that I am doing, experiencing, and becoming as a missionary. Hopefully these emails help.

So, I hear FHE isn't going so well. Well guess what, it is important! Even if all you do is get together to read my email, that would be great. So, it doesn't have to be hard, but it does need to happen. And I think it would be great if I could continue to "participate" by sharing things from Preach My Gospel. I think this week is the apostasy. An analogy that I really like that Sister Meryhew taught me is that of a classroom. When the teacher (the authority) leaves the room the kids go crazy. Yeah, there are a few good kids that try to keep things under control and how the teacher said to do things, but for the most part the kids start making up their own rules and whatnot. That's what happened with the apostasy, and thankfully, Heavenly Father saw fit to end this period by restoring the priesthood, the gospel in its fullness, and the exact same church that Christ set up when he was on the earth. I am so grateful for the restoration. It clears up all the confusion that resulted from the apostasy. It's important for people to recognize the apostasy so that they see the need for the restoration.

Just in case Clark didn't convey my sick story accurately here you go. Last Monday was filled with exercise and I played very hard at our zone activity. Sister Meryhew was sick so she didn't join in. A little later, as we finished our shopping, I felt really tired and like there was a knot in my stomach. I wasn't sure if that was because I had run around too much or what. I told Sister Meryhew "I think I might be getting sick." Well, at dinner time, I didn't feel like eating much but knew I should have something and settled on an orange. Later that night we walked to an apartment complex to visit a few investigators. We knocked but no one answered. The sudden halt to our walk made me feel queasy. I said "I feel pretty nauseous" and sat down on a little wall in the grass. Sister Meryhew asked "Would you like me to carry your backpack?" I handed her the phone and said "Call someone for a ride" just before throwing up my orange. Sister Meryhew's face was pretty funny and I could tell she was wondering what on earth I ate that was neon orange. My timing was impeccable and we did get a ride back. We layed low the next day 'cause I had the flu. She loved telling people how I "puked all over our investigator's lawn" (a slight exaggeration). It was pretty funny.

Hopefully you got the pictures I forwarded from the parade. It was a lot of fun. Definitely a highlight of my mission.

Next week I'll start giving my "virtual tour" of the Trial Center. It will be just a little each week but hopefully will help you see what it's like. And hopefully my "walking gospel lesson" will help you all.

I did get my camera card in the mail last night. I guess Sister Meryhew and I are pretty bad at checking the mail 'cause I also got a package from Harrison. We are enjoying the Men's Chorus CDs already.

Well, I love you family! Keep writing! I'm glad you are doing well.
Sister Bailey Mortensen

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