Monday, August 2, 2010

Thanks for all the presents

Dear Family,

Thanks for all the presents. I am already enjoying the new clothes and the Reese's. Kristen A. sent me "The world's largest Reese's." It's like eating a sandwich. Tell Grandma Claire I will use her birthday money to go to the zoo today. I'll probably send her a thank you card after I go so I can tell her about it. Sister Itri was sneaky enough to buy me a NEBRASKA shirt without me noticing, so that was a fun surprise as well. And, Sister Worthen and Sister Itri made me some blueberry pancakes and eggs for breakfast.

It was a good birthday. We taught Annette (age 16). Some of her family are members of the church, but her sister (Ally, age 12), who was baptized last spring, is the only one that comes regularly. Annette is deaf so we've been learning some sign language. Elder Palmer taught us a lot as we rode in the transfer van back from our meeting in Sioux City. It is so fun to learn new things! So, our lesson on Saturday went really well because we were actually able to communicate with and get to know Annette. When we didn't know a word we just finger-spelled it and she taught us how to sign it. It was kinda slow but she was patient and really appreciated our efforts to involve her. When we asked her to come to church (in sign language!) she nodded with a half smile. Thankfully, Meagan, a member of the ward that can sign, just got called to young women's and agreed to interpret for Annette. It was really fun to see them conversing during sacrament. Meagan said it was really tiring to do for three hours straight, but that she enjoyed the opportunity to use her education. She also said that Annette seemed to feel the spirit. We just love Annette and hope that we can better understand how to help her.

That picture of you three canoeing is awesome. I'm going to try and attach some pictures too.

Tell Haley Hatch congrats on the mission call. She will LOVE it!

I love you all very much!
-Sister Mortensen

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