Thursday, October 1, 2009

First letter from the MTC

Hello family!

Life at the MTC is wonderful. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. I've really appreciated all the letters you've sent. It makes me think that letters are the way to go. Only 30 minutes on P-day (Thursdays here) to email will be too short, so I'll write most of everything in letters that I actually have time to write (that will still only be on p-days). You all can still send emails, but I prefer letters that I can read whenever I want.

We have a wonderful district! We are all so unified in our desire to serve and preach the gospel. Everyone is so spiritual and has a strong testimony. Having four sisters with six elders probably helps the elders behave (they goof off less than the elders in other districts). I love the discussions we have in class and the spirit that I feel almost constantly. I love the MTC!

My companion, Sister Allred, is excellent. She's kinda shy so I end up talking the most when we give lessons. But her simple testimony is very powerful and always brings the spirit. She is a good sport to play volleyball with me everyday.

Anyway, the MTC is hard work but the best work. The schedule is rigorous, especially for the sisters, but helps us stay focused. I feel the spirit stronger than I ever have.

Sister Bailey Mortensen

P.S. Preach My Gospel is such an inspired book and you should all read it!

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