Thursday, October 15, 2009

Still at the MTC

Today I (Andrea) received a short letter from Bailey saying that she is still at the MTC for another week. She developed a pilonidal cyst a couple of weeks ago and the doctor put her on antibiotics hoping to avoid surgery. On her return visit the doctor said things were healing properly, that she would not need surgery, but that he wanted to continue to watch it for one more week. So, she will be a "solo sister" since her companion left on Tuesday and she will spend her time with a district "a week younger" than her. Here's her take:

"I'm sure it will work out just fine but I am a bit disappointed. Maybe this extra preparation time will turn out to be just what I need."

I don't know for certain when she will leave to go to Nebraska but I have posted the mission home address and I'll update her address if I get a new one.

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