Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Note from Sister Flake

I (Andrea) received this email from a senior sister missionary in Bailey's mission. It is fun to get another person's perspective about Bailey's missionary life.

My name is Sis. Flake and my husband and I are senior missionaries in the Nebraska Omaha Mission serving with your daughter. I have the opportunity to serve with her frequently at the Trail Center and I just wanted to tell you that you can be very proud of "Sis. Mortensen." We came out together and I didn't know much about her until she started serving at the Trail Center. I am so impressed with her. She always has a smile, is confident and relates well to everyone who comes in. She is always gentle, quiet and kind. She has a great knowledge of the Gospel and bears powerful testimony.

As visitors come into the Trail Center they are usually taken by the sister missionary that greets them, into one of our theaters to watch "Zion In the Wilderness" and are then brought by the sister missionary, to ponder on a large painting of Christ calling Peter and Andrew to be fishers of men. I sit at the desk across the lobby from the painting keeping track of the visitors and answering the phone and I've heard Sis. Mortensen begin many tours there. She does just what she is supposed to do -- ask those on tour to be thinking of someone they can share the Gospel with. She does it in a sweet and tender way and people love her. After most of her tours she comes back to the desk and says "that was a great tour" or "I just those people" or something similar. I love Sis. Mortensen and she is a great example to me.

Sis. Flake

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