Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Good!

Dear Family,

Recently, I've found myself responding to everyone's question of "How are you?" with "So good!" I feel great!

Transfers happened again. It was hard to say goodbye to four sisters, among them two of my favorite companions, Sister Gingrich and Sister Meryhew. But now we have four new wonderful sisters. I got to give them their very first tour and it was a good one. The spirit was strong and I was able to share all these scriptures and things I've learned as a missionary. I hope it helped them. Sister Worthen is training Sister Myers in West Maple, but we are still roommates so I'm happy about that. Sister Itri is my new companion in Greenview and she is amazing! She's from Fruit Heights, Utah and went to BYU studying exercise science. We have very similar personalities: goofy; enjoy sports, music, and learning; organized (our apartment looks amazing thanks to her); and we both choose our words carefully. By that last one I mean that we're not super quiet, but that when we say something, we mean it and people listen. Sister Itri is also really good at getting to know people and joking around with them to help them feel comfortable. It's nice to have a new companion to ask those important questions like "What's your name? your religious background?" and all those get to know you questions that I always forget the answer to. Sister Itri came out 3 transfers after me so I am the senior companion now. Driving again is a little weird, but I'm getting used to it. I love how the missionary handbook describes leadership assignments as "opportunities to serve others, develop greater love, and to learn" because it is so true. I am learning lots from Sister Itri and we have a good time teaching and serving together.

It's weird to remember that our family was on our church history trip this time last year. We have tons of families doing the same thing come into the Trail Center. Some are clearly worn out, but others are just starting or still excited to learn. One thing I love about the Trail Center is that people come to us instead of us going to find them. And I love getting to bear my testimony all the time. Sometimes I wonder if that repetition will make it lose it's meaning and power, but I think it just re-affirms and strengthens it. I'm glad that we aren't in the Trail Center all the time though. We are very blessed to serve here and have a proselyting area as well. It makes the time we do have in our area that much more precious, so we almost always fill it with teaching appointments. I love being busy. Sometimes it can be a bit hectic, but on the whole it helps me be happy because I don't have time to think about me, just them.

This Saturday, Kevin and Beth are getting baptized! We are so excited for them! They stopped smoking and chewing and love coming to church and have changed so much. The other day, we came and their house was cleaner. Little things like that show that they really are becoming more like Christ, and baptism is the covenant where they get to promise to follow him and show their willingness to take his name upon them. They will be great members of the church.

Thanks again for the email. I'm glad the dance festival and Will's Birthday were successful. I love you all very much! By the way, it's not too crazy humid yet 'cause people keep telling me it'll get worse. The good news is my allergies haven't bothered me much at all, even though Nebraska is supposed to be one of the worst places for them. Heavenly Father is merciful!

Sister Bailey Mortensen

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