Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

Dear Family,

I'm glad you had a good Halloween. I did too. We had stake conference in Kearney Nebraska and two of our investigators came even though it's 45 minutes away! In fact, we rode with Bro. Cunningham and Sandy and were able to teach a lesson during the car ride. It was definitely a unique lesson, but a good way to spend the time. I really enjoyed stake conference because it mostly centered on the importance of temples. I liked what President Sleight said "That which isn't sealed to you really isn't all that important." That really helped me get my priorities straight. I may not be with those I am sealed to while I'm serving a mission, but I still think about and pray for you every day. You are a big reason that I am here in the first place. Without your examples and encouragement I doubt I would be able to do this, but with that love and support it is a lot easier.

So, would you all like to have a family temple trip when I get back? I'm really excited about the idea. I know it would be a big strength to all of us.

All us missionaries had to be home at 6pm for Halloween but we still had a good time. It was weird to be in so early. We made a lot of phone calls and got everything organized. Actually, Sister Warner did most the organizing; she enjoys that kind of thing. We also had a little movie night because Sister Warner had never seen "Joy to the World" and since we're going to start handing out those pass-along cards soon, we figured she better know what she will be offering.

This week, my testimony that Heavenly Father knows each of His children was strengthened. We were walking down the street when we met this girl (about our age) and her little boy outside her apartment. She said she has been wondering what God wants her to do so we shared what Joseph Smith did in that situation and recited the first vision. After that, she invited us in and we were able to answer more of her golden questions. It turns out her name is Heaven and that she and her husband have been wanting their son to grow up with God even if they aren't sure He is there. We reassured her that He is and that He loves her and gave us showing up randomly of an evidence that He truly is mindful of her and her family. We are so excited to keep teaching her.

Another experience we had this week got me all excited to have family scripture study when I am a mom. We went to our appointment with Kori's family and decided to just read 1 Nephi 1 with them. Nayma and all four kids sat on the couches with us and took turns reading (except Magda 'cause she's only four and Nayma 'cause she's still learning to read English). It was so cute to hear Marigan (11) help Mabarak (8) and Myssa (6) sound out some of the bigger words. They all are very good readers and really understood what was happening in the story. It was one of those kodak moments that they put in the Ensign with the whole family gathered with the missionaries studying from the Book of Mormon. Oh it was precious. I'm sure my future family scripture study won't usually be so peaceful and precious, but at least I know what I'm shooting for. Moments like that make it all worth it.

Next Saturday is Jerome's baptism and he is so excited for it. He even wants to bear his testimony as part of the program. Nyayien (an 8 year old we've been teaching) will also be getting baptized so Sister Warner and I are excited for this double baptism!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful start to this beautiful month of November. I love you lots!
Sister Bailey Mortensen

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