Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Dear Family,

Mom, you would be proud of me. I now like green beans. A lot of people
here in Nebraska keep making them as part of the dinner so I eat them
and they actually taste pretty good. So now I don't have a food that I
don't like. I think that is a good trait for missionaries, because
everyone is nice enough to feed us dinner and it would be rude not to
eat it.

Something I'm learning is that missionary work is a lifelong thing. It
doesn't stop after someone is baptized (they still need to work
towards the temple and endure to the end) and it doesn't stop when I
get home. We are all missionaries. Teaching each other with visiting
and home teaching is just as important as teaching people that aren't
members yet. Conversion, activation, and retention are all missionary
work. As missionaries we are supposed to help with all three. We are a
full time resource for the members in our areas. Missionaries help
members do missionary work, not the other way around. I've never
really looked at it like that before, but I think that's how it is
supposed to go. We're trained to be the best teachers we can be so
that members can trust us to teach them, their families, and their
friends. It's a very short time that we have this privilege. Another
thing I'm learning is how amazing "Preach My Gospel" is. It is
inspired. It is like new scripture to help us today. If more scripture
needed to be added to our triple combinations it would be "Preach my
Gospel." We don't use it enough. If we have any questions about how to
be better missionaries, they are answered by a chapter in "Preach My
Gospel." I should be better about studying from it.

My story for the week isn't really a story. Mainly, I want to tell you
how amazing the Rohbocks are. They are an older couple in the Gretna
branch that help us a ton. They feed us lunch every Sunday between our
meetings, they give us rides, they print off talks, they bake us
bread, they come help us teach, they exercise with us on p-day, they
take us shopping, and are all around amazing. We love having them come
teach with us because they have powerful testimonies, they can explain
things simply and clearly, and they are soooooooooooooooooo good at
relating to people. I admire them so much. I hope that I can become as
giving and loving as they are. I feel like I learn so much from them,
by conversing with them and by observing the way they live their

Well, I'm glad you are all keeping busy. I hope you continue to be successful.
Sister Bailey Mortensen

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