Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More March


Thank you for the package. I thought it was funny that the elders knew I would appreciate nylons.I guess the sisters have taught them well. In NOM we interact with the elders fairly frequently with district meetings once a week and zone conference once a month. It is easy to tell who the really good elders are. Some are kind of annoying because they haven't grown up yet, but most just like to goof off. The good ones know when to be serious though. Our district and zone leaders have been really helpful in training us on how to be better and I appreciate their advice and encouragement.

Since you asked, we usually exercise inside. When the weather was nice, we would run every day, but that hasn't happened in ages. I actually miss it. Being confined to a small space is not fun. I'd much rather have space to run and jump around. I've been doing some of those exercises you gave me 'cause we have some free weights in our
apartment. I think my arms are getting stronger and that I'm staying fairly in shape. I would prefer more cardio-vascular stuff though.

Yes, transfers are coming, but not for another couple weeks. We're pretty sure Sister Bleazard is leaving 'cause she's been in Gretna for almost six months. After Trail Center Training on Saturday, I guess she and the other Sisters started making predictions. I haven't really gotten into that because I know the Lord will send us where we are supposed to be. It's always fun to hear where everyone has gone, but
the excitement of transfers usually only lasts for the day when they happen. I'm grateful for the fresh start that they give us.

After Trail Center Training, I gave Sister Endeman a tour of the gallery there. We had just been trained to make it a "walking gospel lesson" rather than a tour and I think that's what happened. Because I don't know many historical facts yet, it was easier for me to focus on the doctrine and throw in a little history now and then. Mostly I used the stuff around me to give analogies for how we can live the gospel or I asked questions that helped Sister Endeman see how we can follow the examples of the pioneers. I prayed that the spirit would be there so that I could teach to Sister Endeman's needs. After asking some get to know you questions we went around the gallery and it was amazing. The spirit was very strong. We both bore testimony of principles that we know and encouraged one another in areas where we each need to
improve. A lot of the time Sister Endeman was saying exactly the things that I needed to hear. And I hope that I was able to share things that will help her too. For me it was a testimony that the church is there to help us lift each other. We aren't meant to go this alone. We each have strengths, weaknesses, and experiences that we can share to the benefit of someone else. It also reminded me that when we
rely on the spirit and love the people, Heavenly Father can guide us to say exactly what He would have us say. At one point Sister Endeman talked about how the pioneers gave up so much to follow the prophet and how we as missionaries were called by the prophet to serve. His signature is on our call letter, so we better give our very best. We don't have to sacrifice physical things so much as give of ourselves
and set our selfish desires aside to focus on serving others. It was such a powerful tour. I came away very motivated to be the best missionary I can.

These last few weeks have been a bit of a struggle because I have been selfish. But I'm feeling much better now. Some rebuking from Sister Bleazard and then going on that tour with Sister Endeman have helped me turn things around. I'm trying harder than ever to focus on others. When I do, I am happy. Hopefully I can remember that.

Thanks again for the package, your letter, and your weekly emails. I love you!
Sister Bailey Mortensen

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