Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Dear Family,

Believe it or not, things are warming up a bit here in Nebraska. The
huge piles of snow have actually started to disappear. I really am
amazed at how quickly the snow is melting. I thought it might never
leave. We might even get to wash our car today because we finally have
a p-day where the temperature is above freezing. The car looks
disgusting so we are excited about that. When I got my haircut the
other day the lady asked how I like Nebraska and I said I never
realized how warm 30 degrees was. I actually understand how people can
go outside in shorts when it gets up to 40 degrees.

This last Thursday, Sister Bleazard went to a leadership meeting so I
got to be companions with Sister Hale for the day. It was sunny so
people were actually outside enjoying the fresh air and doing little
outside chores. I'm convinced that the sun makes people more cheerful
and open to listening to us. We were able to find a handful of people
willing to have us come back and teach them. It was great! Sister Hale
and I also learned a lot from each other about how to be better
missionaries. The other fun part about exchanges this time around was
that I got to drive. I was very pleased with my ability to find my way
around. If you ever come to Omaha, I will be a great navigator. I even
drove us safely to the temple, where we had a temple session and
switched back to our usual companions.

While at the temple I had an interesting thought. I thought how doing
all this work for the dead would go a lot faster if we could do more
than one name at a time. But then I thought, no, Heavenly Father
wouldn't do that; He loves us each individually so ordinances are
performed and covenants are made individually. Plus, salvation is an
individual matter. We each choose for ourselves whether we will follow
the gospel of Jesus Christ. My choices can't save someone else and
their choices can't save me. It was a good reminder of Heavenly
Father's love and the gift of agency.

Thanks again for writing. I love you all. Have a wonderful week!

Sister Bailey Mortensen

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