Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas

Dear Family,

I did make the Hersey's scripture things and they were a lot of fun. All the sisters and senior couples got one and loved it. Elder and Sister Brewster thought they were especially cute.

I'm glad you got to read my conversion story to the kids. I'm sure I'll have to add to it later, but for now it is a pretty good synopsis of how I got to be who I am today. Have any of you reflected on or written down your conversion stories?

Sister Kusnerik was sick for the past few days so I was able to take Sister Lawlor out to our area for a little while so that Sister Kusnerik could rest at the Trail Center. This helped me get to know the Millard area a little better and I think it also helped give each of us an extra boost. Sister Lawlor absolutely loved going back to Millard. We had a miracle day full of appointments that didn't fall through. Our very last appointment was with Kelsey, a 19 year old that grew up in the church but fell away and began wondering if God loved her. We met with her the first time last Sunday when her dad asked us to come because she was expressing a desire to come back to church. When Sister Lawlor came for our next appointment, we received a very pleasant surprise. Kelsey looked at Sister Lawlor and said "I know you ... from Utah State?" and Sister Lawlor replied "Oh my heck! Kelsey!" and gave her a big hug. Incredibly enough, Kelsey had met Sister Lawlor at Utah State over a year ago! What a tender mercy! If Sister Lawlor showing up for that lesson doesn't show Kelsey that Heavenly Father knows and loves her then I don't know what will. Actually, Kelsey is doing great. We've had some very spiritual lessons with her where we have been able to say exactly what she needs to hear and she has been able to feel the spirit. She's started praying and reading her scriptures and she even came to church on Sunday! She loved church. She said it was the first time that she listened to every word and was able to receive answers to her questions. I am so happy for her!

Sister Kusnerik had quite the miracle Sunday night and Monday morning. We were serving in the Trail Center when a man walked in with a Book of Mormon in his hand. After talking with him, Sister Kusnerik found out that Frank, that's his name, had received it from a friend and had been reading it but wanted help to understand what he was reading. So she taught him about the restoration, read with him, and invited him back the next morning to meet the Florence Elders. We gave the Elders a heads up that night saying that we'd call if Frank actually kept his appointment. When we came in the next morning, Frank showed up! I called the Elders really quick and told them they needed to set Frank for baptism because he was feeling the spirit and keeping commitments. They came right away and joined Sister Kusnerik in teaching him the first lesson. I eavesdropped almost the entire time and wanted so badly for them to invite him to be baptized. I had to leave part way through the lesson but told Sister Endemann that if Frank was still there when I got back I would personally go up and invite him to be baptized. When I got back I didn't see Frank so I asked Sister Kusnerik "Did you set him?" "January 15th." she said with a smile. I was so glad to hear that. What a miracle! The elect truly are searching for the truth and they recognize it when they find it.

Thank you for the skirt and the toasty toes. Both will come in very handy this winter. And thank you for the Reese's, you know how much I love those. A special thank you for each of the letters that you wrote. I love hearing from you! Keep up the great work. You are each so wonderful and I love you so much!

Sister Bailey Mortensen

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