Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bro. Warner visits

Dear Family,

I can't believe you got that much snow. I'm sure it is long gone now, but I really do love snow. Mostly when it is fresh and sparkly. It reminds me of how clean I can be.

Turns out Sister Monson and I will both be staying in Millard. We expected that because it's my last transfer and she is still brand new. We actually found out this morning. President Kunz called to thank me for serving as Trail Center Trainer and said I should love having one more transfer as a normal missionary. I really am excited to be relieved of the stress that comes with being Trail Center Trainer. It will be much easier to focus on serving the people in Millard. I'll still serve the other sisters, but I won't be the one taking care of all the administrative stuff and that's a big relief. Part of me wishes I could finish my mission as a full-time proselyting sister, just so I could focus full-time on our area, but it will be good to serve in the Trail Center too. I just want to give my very, very best for these last six weeks.

Stephen is getting baptized on Saturday! He is such a smart 11 year old. And he is so excited! He won't be confirmed until next Sunday (because of Stake Conference) but that might be good because it will give his brother, Dan, time to practice and feel comfortable preforming a confirmation. I can't wait!

My favorite thing this week was taking Bro. Warner (the 70 year old man I taught in Grand Island) and his friend, Emma Jean (a cute little lady with a scarf tied around her head), on tour at the Trail Center. Bro. Warner has been writting me ever since his baptism saying that he wants to come visit me at the Trail Center. I wasn't sure how we'd be able to coordinate schedules so that I'd be there when he came, but the Lord provided. I was so happy to see him! Elder Watson teased me about how much I was glowing the rest of the day. Anyway, Emma Jean was sooooooooooooo prepared to hear the gospel. Bro. Warner had told her a little bit, but she was curious and even wondered how she could know what church taught what was true. She also was concerned about her husband and daughter that had passed away. Throughout the tour I was able to testify about Joseph Smith's call as a prophet, the restoration of the priesthood, eternal families, and the plan of salvation. After sharing the conversion/immigration story of my great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Peder Mortensen, and his family, I asked her how she thought she could know the truth. She replied that she would study the Book of Mormon and pray. When I asked if she'd like to have missionaries come visit with her she said she'd like that. So, we showed her where the church building/family history center were (she really wants to begin her family history) and sent the missionaries! I am so excited for her! And I am excited for Bro. Warner. What a blessing to see how Bro. Whitehead sharing the gospel with Bro. Warner is now extending to Bro. Warner sharing the gospel with Emma Jean and who know how many other people! Truly "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass." It is as simple as inviting someone to come to the Trail Center, to read the Book of Mormon, to meet with the missionaries, to learn more about family history, to come to church, and before you know it, many people will want to learn and live the gospel! I love missionary work!

I love each of so, so much!
Sister Bailey Mortensen

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