Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is here!

Dear Family,

Spring has pretty much arrived here in Omaha. I'm wearing my green jacket again and it is just perfect for shielding me from the wind without making me too warm from walking in the surprisingly warm weather. Sister Monson and I go without a car some days and we had to laugh on Saturday because it started out so sunny that she didn't bring a jacket. Well then it got really windy and finally it started to rain. Thankfully, one of the members let us borrow an umbrella, but it was one of those little rainbow ones. We must have looked ridiculous walking around these neighborhoods with both of us squished underneath a tiny, colorful little umbrella and me in my bright green jacket. We even came up with a little song "Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow." It wasn't nearly as creative or funny as the raps that Sister Itri and Sister Kusnerik compose (a member taught them how to beat-box) but we were pretty proud of ourselves.

On Sunday, Holly came to church for the first time! She wore a cute dress and brought her 6 month old boy, Jaxin. She fit right in with all the other young moms. Thankfully, Maria and Efrain came too. They are Holly's neighbors and missionaries have been teaching Maria for over a year. They just need to get married so that Maria can be baptized. I think having Maria there made Holly more comfortable. I think she was also glad to see how family oriented everything at church is. Sadly, Holly left before sacrament meeting because she didn't feel ready to take it. I told her she could stay and not take it, but she decided not to. When we ran into her later that night she said she really enjoyed everything else. We were also able to schedule a time to meet with her and her fiance, Scott, tonight. We're praying that he will also jump on board.

Jim is now in a nursing home outside our area but we told the elders there to go visit him. Incredibly, Jim's son, David, just moved into our area and we have an appointment to see him tonight as well. I guess he was really impressed that people from church would go visit his dad in the hospital.

We're still teaching Heidi and Greg. In fact, we're having dinner with them at a members house tonight. We're planning to teach the Word of Wisdom. She is a heavy smoker so we'll see how she takes it. We've been doing everything we can to build her faith in the Savior and His Atonement, but really it is up to her. Hopefully she has the faith to live this commandment. If she does, I know she'll receive her answer that Joseph Smith is a prophet. Living the word of wisdom makes recognizing the spirit so much easier.

I hope you are all doing well.
Sister Mortensen

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