Monday, March 28, 2011


Dear Family,

We had a huge miracle last night! Jim's son David just moved in to our area.The Sisters in the Lakeview area had taught him about the restoration but last night was our first time meeting him. One of the laurels from our ward, Carol Ann, came with us and it was a great lesson. We prayed beforehand that he would accept the invitation to be baptized, and he did! We reviewed the principles of eternal families, priesthood authority, and praying to know the truth and then asked if he would be baptized. He said yes! In me head I thought "No way ... he said yes!" but quickly recovered from my shock and invited him to prepare to be baptized on April 16th. Again he said yes with no hesitation! I was so happy! I told him how great it would be to receive that remission of sins and fresh start in life and he smiled and nodded right along with me. He is a good man who recognizes when God is prompting him to do something. He is a trucker so he shared that sometimes he'd be driving down the road and something would tell him to pull over and a little while later he'd hear about an accident on the radio. He knew that was God's way of protecting him. We were able to explain that that is one way the spirit speaks to us. We read Galatians 5:22 and Carol Ann did a great job sharing how the spirit felt when she prayed to know the truth. I am so excited for him to continue studying the Book of Mormon, to come to General Conference and church and to be baptized! It is so great to see people hear, recognize and follow the spirit! I love it!

On Saturday night we also witnessed the miracle of a 9 month old baby taking her first steps! I don't think I've ever seen that before! It was so exciting! Little Hazel was kind of standing next to the wall as we shared a spiritual thought after dinner, when she took a step all on her own. She caught her balance without even using the wall. Her mom, Kristi, said "Did she just take a step?" And we all said "Yes" and started clapping for her. Hazel smiled really big and started clapping too. Needless to say, that was the end of our spiritual thought because mom and dad pulled out the camera and started having Hazel walk back and forth to eachother. I felt privileged to be there to witness such a special event.

I hope you are all as excited, or even more so, for general conference as I am. We have been inviting everyone to watch it. Who will you watch it with? I definitely like going to the church because it's a lot less distracting, but we are trying to get some of the people we teach to watch it in members homes so they can develop that friendship. I love making conference a big event, because it is! We get to hear from living prophets and apostles! I can't wait! Be sure to share your insights with me afterward.

I love you each so very much! Keep being the amazing family that you are!
Sister Bailey Mortensen

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